Brand Strategy: Formulation

With a crystal clear understanding of challenges, opportunities, strengths, weaknesses and competitive threats that comes in brand discovery, brand formulation is the process by which your brand takes shape and comes to life in detail. It is also the process of positioning, wherein you draw the lines and stake a claim in a specific area of your market. 


At the end of the brand formulation process, you will know and will be able to say, succinctly:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Why anyone should care


Your brand’s position will be articulated in your Brand Platform, which we will write. The Brand Platform may include such foundational items as your mission statement, your positioning statement, your brand’s sustainable points of difference, your desired brand perception, your core brand attributes, your brand values, your elevator pitch and your tagline – to name a few.


Done well, the brand positioning process lays the way clear for every visual and every message that the brand propagates. The brand position becomes the standard against which every message and communication piece is tested.