Brand Strategy: Discovery

Sonnyside Up brand discovery is always step one, and it’s always step wow. Whether your brand is new or long established, the process of brand discovery is incredibly enlightening.

Discovery is an exercise in digging – into the industry and into the particulars of the brand itself. In the process, we often find that what you may see as a challenge is really a symptom of a bigger issue. It’s also a time when opportunities come to light. 


At the end of the brand discovery process, you will understand your brand’s:

  • Essence – what makes it tick
  • Standing in the big picture of your industry
  • Relationship with other industry players and stakeholders
  • Challenges – the challenges you think it has, and the challenges it really has
  • Opportunities – the opportunities you think it has, and the opportunities it really has


Our process includes in-depth research, interviews with key players and stakeholders, and a simple, easy-to-understand breakdown of findings.


Though brand discovery could conceivably be offered as a stand-alone service, it is not an end in itself. Brand discovery shows us where your brand is, bringing clarity to the processes of brand positioning and architecture, which will tell you where your brand is going.