Brand Strategy: Architecture

Brand architecture is all about hierarchies and priorities within the brand. It becomes especially important when there are sub-brands, sister brands and partner brands in the mix, but it is also critical to products and services. 


Clarify how the brand and its communications is organized:

  • Understand the relationships between the primary brand and any sub, sister or partner brand
  • Easily identify and adhere to communications priorities


We work with you to identify all those aspects of your business, brand, products and services, benefits, components and processes that need to be communicated, then we help you clarify the organizational hierarchy of all those aspects. What needs to be communicated most noticeably? What are the relationships of various components? We work with you to answer all these questions, then create guidelines to which your internal and external teams can refer.


Brand architecture provides a communications roadmap that keeps you on course by giving a clear hierarchy to the aspects of the brand that need to be communicated. Brand architecture should impact visual design and wording alike, in everything from web to packaging to video to print collateral.